Saturday, 5 January 2013

Contemplate My Face in the Holy Eucharist

A Letter to You, Beloved of Christ: Section V

For so long did I not heed the cries of our Lord, and indeed He cries out to you and to all His people:
O how I mourn at the distance my people keep from Me! They come not to drink abundantly from Me who is the River of Life, but they come only to moisten their lips. O how many of my dear souls forgo Mass on Sunday to attend the vanities of the world? How many fail to receive Me in Holy Communion in order to sleep in? Too many, too many. O how I would leap with joy if all my dear souls received Me as much as they could, according to the life they lived;  and came to celebrate before Me and with Me in Adoration! Yes I am present when two or three gather in My name, but My Presence is ever more Powerful when I am present in the flesh! Otherwise I would not bother to dwell in all the Tabernacles throughout the world, and submit myself to such isolation. At the present moment there are some souls who are strong in faith and whom drink abundantly from My Heart. There are others who come to drink abundantly yet their hearts are like firm soil, they lack faith and conviction in what I can do in them by one Holy Communion, by one Hour of Adoration, or by one visit to Me in the Tabernacle. My Church as a whole does not drink from Me in abundance; since few even practice their faith, and most of those that seemingly do, practice nothing but outward motions, as if they forgot they even had a soul. There have been times when My Church has indeed drunk in abundance from Me; and this is what caused vegetation to flourish as described in Isaiah 35 and Revelation 22. But the Evil One has continued to cause a subtle distraction from Me in the Holy Eucharist to things of vanity of which you know. Never have I been Adored as I desire. I seek to give infinitely much and do give much, yet I am so sorely rejected, and am left knocking at the doors of people’s hearts. Everyone asks for so little! Everyone asks according to their finite will and not My infinite Will which is Love and Mercy itself. The distractions that abound would serve towards your sanctification, but instead you do not come to contemplate my face in the Holy Eucharist, but seek my face elsewhere, where it is not in all fullness; and thus you are led astray, and are left in a tepid state of soul.
Too many of my dear souls eat the crumbs that fall from the table (Mt 15:21-28), and this feeds them not. I call out to you; “where are you” my beloved disciple? (Gen 3:9). “And where is your brother?” (Gen 4:9). You have gone to every spring except my Eucharistic-Heart. Can you not now see why things are the way they are? And why things have become the way they are? In your family, in My Church, in the world and in the world of your soul? And what of the children and the youth in My Church? So many are thirsty and many have fallen away, as they have not been shown where to drink. The doors to the churches are the doors that lead to My Presence; yet these doors are often bared closed, an action sharing in what my dear disciples did when they sought to stop the little children who wanted to come to Me. I speak of both a literal closing of the doors of my churches, the Temples where my Eucharistic-Heart reigns; yet also of the failure to “let the little children come to Me” (Mt 19:14) in Adoration. If My Eucharistic-Heart is shunned from among you, and is left in solitude, then  I will lead those who truly thirst, to go to places elsewhere where My children can drink plentifully from I the Fountain of the Water of Life.

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