Sunday, 13 January 2013

An Invitation into the Divine Romance

A Letter to You, Beloved of Christ: Section VI

Priest, Prophet and King you have been made through the Waters of Baptism which issued forth from My Side. As a member of the royal priesthood you are to offer the Father My Eucharistic-Heart which I give to you; on behalf of yourself and all peoples. As a prophet you are to hold fast to the Truth and preach My Word without reserve; by allowing Me to live in you. As a King you are to reign with Me, and share in I who Am the Glory of God. Will you preach from and on the pure source of the Gospel- my Sacred Heart the Holy Eucharist? You need not chase a lifestyle other than that to which I call you, but rather refocus how you live the life I have called you to, and if you are living it at all. Refocus the gaze of the eyes of your soul upon my face, most purely contemplated in the Holy Eucharist. O I am Power! I am Joy! I am Love and Mercy! This Power, this Joy, Love and Mercy I give to you in the Holy Eucharist. Live in this Power and live out this Victory of the Cross, of which I give to you; and you will reap a harvest one thousand times a thousand times more abundant than that which you could reap (by my grace) now. But O how I stress that you must do this through my Holy Mother, the Heart most closely untied with Mine. You must love Me with the Heart of My Mother, the Heart which loves Me most; and then you shall be an instrument of My voice that must proclaim this Truth! Come my beloved, come to My Sacred Heart, the Holy Eucharist, through and with the Heart of My Mother.
 Do you see how it was in ‘Acts of the Apostles’? Where healings and miracles abounded, where those converted numbered in the thousands? Indeed my dear disciple this can and shall be done today! Yet you must devote yourself “to the Apostles teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of the bread and the prayers” (Acts 2:42); recalling that all Life doth flow from My Heart which was broken for you. My Eucharistic-Heart which is broken and shared at the Holy Mass and is Adored furthermore in Adoration; where those that come with a pure and humble heart fall deeper in love with Me, and I with them. ‘O, how can you love me more, aren’t you love itself, and don’t you love me infinitely much already O Lord?’. Why yes dear soul, but you limit the extent of My Might; for My love is infinite, since I am infinite; yet this love which is infinite, infinitely increases; and those whom enter My Heart, enter the Divine Romance between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This love is not stagnant or else it would be like the dead sea; but it is abundant and lively, and increases evermore! The more time that you dwell with Me in the Holy Spirit according to Kairos, eternal time, and not in flesh according to chronos, worldly time; is the deeper that you shall fall into Me who is Love; and the deeper that I shall penetrate into the depths of your soul and fill you an abyss of misery, with Myself. O the wonders I work in you through My Eucharistic-Heart, the source of all Power, if only you knew!

Holy Trinity (Pala della Convertite)

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