Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Letter to You, Beloved of Christ

Written: 12th December, 14th December & 19th December 2012
On the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint John of the Cross & St. Nemesius

Dear soul, beloved of Christ,

May the Peace and Joy of God incarnate in Christ Jesus be with you always.

I write by the prompting of the Spirit and can resist writing to you no longer. In the name of Jesus I speak not from my poor miserable self, but from the abundance of the Sacred Heart; this prayer I entrust to the intercession of the Holy Mother of God.


Upon this blog I shall post section by section, every few days, until all seven sections of the "Letter to You, Beloved of Christ" are posted. It is a letter written by myself after much prayer by the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. One need not accept what is written herein as Divine Revelation when discussion is not directly from scripture or documents of the Holy Mother Church. All that is written herein stems from the Pure source of the Gospel- Christ-Eucharistic; drawing from His Heart through Scripture, the Church and the Saints. May you discern prior ingesting what you read, by praying a 'Hail Mary' before you continue, and calling upon the Holy Spirit. In this way one shall be obedient to the Truth and not to man. 

Ave Maria!
-Heel of Christ

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